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2016: Obama's America

This is NOT the America Your Grandparents Fought and Died to Protect

2016: Obama's America

This is NOT the America Your Grandparents Fought and Died to Protect

Well we saw 2016 last night!  I wasn't really sure what to expect but my wife wanted to go; based in a recommendation from a good friend.  We went!

It wasn't what I was expecting, it was more of a historical perspective on Barack Obama depicting his life to date and those who had major influences on his development.  It seemed to be all facts and not fiction.  Credible interviews with many of the people in Obama's life and his past associations with audio/video quotations from public record to support much of what was presented.

I thought that it was a fair representation and had never known many of the items presented before.  This goes to enforce the total lack of responsibility in the mainstream press today.  They are so biased to the Left/Liberal direction and owned by the Democratic Party it is a sad state of affairs.  If much of this had been vetted before the last election, I don't think there would have been any way that Obama would have been elected.  It is sad to have to pay to see a documentary of public information that should have been presented by the Mainstream Media long ago.

The conclusions and projections, while conjecture, certainly hold up under today's facts and direction.  Obama's increasing spendthrift activities continue to head US towards insolvency.  The increasing surveillance, drone deployments and the increasing power/presence of the Department of Homeland Security is resembling a State Police Force (not unlike the old KGB of the USSR).  DHS has seemed to replace the FBI in authority and presence.  Why do we need such a force?  Fear mongering of this administration and others only serve to increase their own power over the Citizens of the USA.

The addition of all this bureaucracy, is not only terribly expensive, it shows little or no tangible results.  The bureaucrats tell us We are in Danger but provide no substance, only more enforcement, rules and regulations.  More surveillance and oversight.  Monitoring of our phone calls, emails, web traffic all coupled with sophisticated satellite surveillance available to DHS has almost eliminated our True Freedom!

The documentary presents the foundation for all this that we now see developing.  Obama seeks not to uplift America and others, but to Downgrade America to the lower levels found in so many other Countries.  His entire background and history has surrounded and influenced him with a negative view of the vitality and presence that America and FREEDOM has engendered over the entire Planet.  He only sees the bad side (and there certainly is much of that to be corrected) but instead of seeking to raise US up and correct the problems, he only seeks to drag the USA down to what he must view as a 'level playing field' with the rest of the Planet.

We need a LEADER who seeks to Raise EVERYONE Up to the highest possible levels.  To provide the FREEDOM to be the BEST that you can be without intrusive, overbearing government control and direction.  It IS a messy way to do things and there certainly are mistakes made along the way, BUT most of the other dictatorships who wanted to dumb down and make everyone the same in squalor have NEVER succeeded in History.  Why does Obama think that HE can make it work now?  Arrogance, and over inflated ego with a view of the World that is despicable and hopeless. 

He has progressed a long way to bringing down this Great Country.  We cannot let him continue!  He must be FIRED and sent back to Chicago where he will be more comfortable with the corruption and control of the 'political machine' he grew up with.


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