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Mitt Romney and the New Presidency

A Personal View


Skip Stein

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Since we soon may very well have a Mormon President of the United States, I thought that a bit of background for my friends and associates would be in order.

Some time ago (circa 1982) I did a large project for the LDS Church in Salt Lake City, Utah.  While not a Mormon, I was given access to some of the most senior members of the LDS Church, including several members of the Quorum of the Twelve.  It was an awesome experience and enlightening in many ways. 

While I was on the project, some 8 weeks or so, I was called 'Brother Stein' and enjoyed the comradeship and developed a great working relationship with many of the LDS Church technical personnel.  I was given full and open access to talk to anyone, walk around and schedule meetings with anyone I believed could contribute to my project analysis.  As this was an Information Technology related project, my duties included the following:

Conducted an evaluation for long range systems development project control requirements.

Reviewed organizational goals and long range systems development plans.

Developed hardware and software systems requirements for financial systems,  job cost control, and project management and scheduling systems.

Documented and issued a formal Request for Proposal, analyzed proposals, made implemented selected software and hardware systems.

One thing I learned early on as I delved into the inner workings of the Church (those that outsiders were allowed to examine), I was impressed with the openness and honesty of all those I worked with.  In our down time (lunch and breaks etc.) we often discussed some of the principles of the Mormon Faith.  I was indeed curious; not having known anything about the LDS Church prior to this assignment.

I won't go into details, but I learned many, many things; all of which made a lasting impression on me.  Some of the things I learned included the following:

The Mormon Philosophy is totally centered about God and Family.  They believe in the 'Eternal Family' a concept that is a foundation principle and not found with such emphasis in any other religion I have studied.

They believe in the sanctity of Marriage and the Family.  They view the family relationship as one for Eternity.  Now that would encourage you to get along doesn't it! [Side note: I did work with one 'Sister' who had been divorced and remarried.  While certainly not encouraged, there was no prejudice toward this lovely lady.  We had interesting and open  discussions on what this meant to her future in Eternity.]

Truth and Honesty is paramount in all dealings and relationships.  Highly unusual in the dog-eat-dog world of most business and political activities.  This was most refreshing in a business relationship!

The Mormon Faith is also focused on helping others; even those who have never heard of the LDS Church.  I was told that, even as a non-Mormon, I had a Bishop I could call upon at ANY time (I lived in Houston at the time) and they even provided me a contact number... just in case!  Amazing.

The Mormons may be the original 'survivalists'.  They encourage each and every Church Member to maintain a stock of non-perishable food supply to feed their families for a year. Yep, I really did say One Year.  Many even include enough to help others less fortunate, should a disaster occur.  The LDS Church maintains massive warehouses FULL of food and basic supplies that make Costco and Wal-Mart look puny!

One last thing.  About the Temples.  They are not 'top secret' as many in the uninformed press would tell you.  There are no secrets really, it is just that once 'consecrated' the Mormon Temple is open to only Full Members of the Mormon Faith.  Before that time, ANYONE can visit and look around; prior to the consecration ceremony, most new Temples have an  'open house' such as one I attended in Orlando some years ago.  What a wonderful place it was!

During my time working with and around the wonderful people I met, I learned and experienced many other things.  My early work helped in some manner to develop the massive LDS Genealogical Data Base which stores all the records gathered by missionaries around the Planet.  They detail birth and death records of everyone they can identify.   As this is part of a foundation religious principle I am not prepared to elaborate.

Since Mitt Romney is a practicing Mormon as is his lovely wife, Ann and their children, I would venture to say that when elected, he may very well be the most honest President we have had in modern times.  His foundation beliefs provide a background in truth and honesty that most businessmen and politicians would find totally foreign.

I have to believe that we may have an opportunity to finally get an 'Honest Abe' type of person back once again in the White House.  What a breath fresh air that will be!

While I don't support all of Mitt's positions, being more of a Ron Paul supporter, I do believe that we finally have a chance to put America back on the right track, at least get it rolling in a more prosperous and stable direction!  There will be issues I continue to disagree with, but for the most part I can live with them for now! It is certainly better and preferable to the disaster brought upon US by our current President!

Well I hope that helps promote some additional confidence in this Man Who Would Be OUR President.  I believe he will provide the guidance and leadership we need.  No matter what your belief system, his background in charity, helping others, honesty and integrity can only benefit our Great Nation in this time of turmoil.

~ No matter what, VOTE ~

~ I hope you vote FOR Mitt Romney! ~

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