The FBI has over 1,000 active ISIS probes currently (2015, November) inside the USA. The FBI has further stated that there are active ISIS activities in ALL 50 States.

FBI counter-terrorism expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka urged Americans to be on heightened alert at all times in the wake of the recent Paris terror attacks.

"Don't wait for Uncle Sam to protect you. Every American has a duty and responsibility to be aware of the threat and be prepared to protect themselves," Gorka said. (Kelly File, November 18th, 2015) He went on to recommend that if you are in a State that allows you to carry a weapon, “... you should do so!” (Full Interview Here)

The FBI has enough resources to track less than 100 of these potential terrorists full time. They have no clue what the others are doing most of the time. President Obama, not only ignores the threat, but is actively seeking to increase it by forcing some 10,000 potential terrorist muslims on the USA and States who are actively refusing to accept them.

All this is going on while State Troopers and local law enforcement man speed traps across the USA; ticketing drivers for going a few miles over a posted speed limit. The DEA has thousands of agents fighting a loosing battle with the 'War on Drugs' that has been an utter disastrous failure for decades.

Then there is the Department of Homeland Security. Does anyone know what the hell they do while the FBI is trying to track terrorists with insufficient resources? How about the million$ spend on the TSA that have been shown, time and again, with testing, that they are a joke and do little but cost money and impede travel.

Our Government spends Trillion$ of dollar$ on wasteful subsidies and programs managed by corrupt bureaucratic idiots. Maybe it's time to redirect some of OUR Money to protect the Citizens of the USA instead of squandering it in inept, idiotic, mostly useless programs?

Maybe these resources would be better focused on protecting USA Citizens from the real threat of attack from ISIS and other muslim death cults?

The Civilized World needs to understand that this is a fight to the DEATH between Civilization and barbaric brutal savages. There is no compromise, there is no negotiation. It's NOT just ISIS or the other muslim death cults/tribes, it is islam as defined in their koran! They are a death culture and only believe in domination by the few, not Freedom and Liberty for all. THAT is why they hate America!