ISIS terrorists planned to unleash a nuclear holocaust in Brussels... hundreds of nuclear facilities in USA now vulnerable thanks to total lack of border security.

Political correctness and corrupt professional elite politicians have spent trillions on crap, subsidies and other useless programs and neglected our security. Not just in America but Planet Wide, corruption is rampant in governments that refuse to do their job; protecting their citizens.  It has become part of the Infrastructure of Corruption plaguing Nations that must be eradicated.

Now after they have allowed the insidious penetration by savage islam, it may be too late to stop the terror, destruction and devastation that islam wants to perpetrate on all of Civilization in their insane attempt to control, dominate, enslave or murder, all who do not believe in their savage beliefs.

Theses are savages, indoctrinated from birth to HATE all things not islam. This has been festering in the muslim countries for centuries and now, the pustule that is savage islam, is about to burst with violence, mayhem and murder.

Thanks to people ruled by politicians being too politically correct to say something when they know it is WRONG for decades; they have allowed an Infrastructure of Corruption and malfeasance to become the norm.  Savage muslim communities all over the cities of the Planet harbor these terrorist savages.  They fund them, feed them and protect them until they can unleash their terror.  It is NOT just the savage islamist terrorists, it is ALL of islam that harbor, fund and protect the savages.  Until they speak out, we cannot ever trust any muslim.

It may not be too late, but damn, we are cutting it close. Not only must we rid ourselves of the corrupt political elite and their cronies, we must now root out savages in our midst and expel or kill them before they can murder US.

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