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Great Song that tells some Truths about Obama.

It may have helped a bit WIN the sweeping rejection of OBama in the 2014 elections.

We cannot let up the pressure to STOP OBAMA before he completes his traitorous plans to ruin


I've totally HAD IT with so called 'Republicans' that call themselves Conservative and advocates for OUR Constitution and the Free Enterprise System.  NO MORE!  My new and only allegiance is to Freedom Loving Conservatives who are mostly found with the 'Tea Party'.  Donald Trump has made the GOP the New America First Party going forward.  The old RINO's are done. Their corruption and malfeasance laid bare!  WE The PEOPLE have one the first battle in the New American Revolution to Take Back America!

The so-called 'Republicans' are mostly RINO's (Republican in Name Only) and are self centered, egotistical imbeciles playing power games in Washington with OUR Lives and Money.  They don't deserve support of any kind and I hope you will join me in working diligently to vote all their sorry asses OUT OF OFFICE (along with the Socialist Party's Democrats.  Focus your support on Constitutional supporters like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and a few others.  The rest are totally worthless leaches seeking to maintain the power and control over US the American People.  ENOUGH is ENOUGH.  Time to GET OFF YOUR ASSES and get out and work to FIGHT to regain our Freedom and Liberty these assholes have stripped from US.  They create fear and envy with all their programs and talk and then enact laws that do NOTHING but give THEM more POWER.  


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