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Red Skelton's Magnificant Pledge of Allegiance

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I was thinking about my Texas History the other day.  We recently visited The Alamo in San Antonio;  Recalling that terrible day that Santa Anna slaughtered so many valiant Texicans.  Then Gen. Sam Houston payed it back at the Battle of San Jacinto winning Texas Independence.

We Conservatives were defeated by the Obama cabal and liberal radicals who have usurped power.  Now it is time for Pay Back with our leader President Trump Making America Great Again.  We are the New Trumpicans!  Remember all the horrendous things perpetrated by liberal Demoncrats and VOTE for Constitutional Conservatives.  Route the radical left just like Sam Houston did at San Jacinto and Restore Our Freedom & Constitutional Republic!

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The election of President Donald Trump is due to an awakening of The Silent Majority in the USA.  Tired of the infrastructure of corruption that has been festering for decades, We The People have finally woken up to the cancer in the American Political infrastructure.  Trump is an experienced/excellent negotiator and a brutal enemy you never want to cross.  Sounds damned good to me!  He will keep our enemies (both foreign and domestic) on their toes as he is unpredictable in many ways but supremely reliable in others (family and friends).

We MUST come together as a Nation and put the divisive rhetoric behind US and UNITE as One Nation, One People, regardless of race, religion or political views.  Let US ALL call ourselves AMERICAN and drop the divisive hyphenated divisive terminology.  Let US focus on Peace, Strength and Prosperity for ALL.

For those of you who Voted for Donald Trump, I thank you.  For those who did not, that’s OK, it is never too late to work toward Our Common Goal to Make America Great, Safe and Strong Again!

The election is over.  The time for healing must begin.  America must come together as a United States of America, not a divided Country.  If we have learned anything from this campaign, we have learned that the once lauded Free Press is no longer Free.  It has been controlled by the special interests; of both sides.  The Globalist Elites have LOST and We The People have WON.  The mainstream media are so biased they can NEVER be trusted.  The Elites of both parties wanted to destroy Our America with a globalist self-interest agenda.  We The People have spoken Loud and Clear, NO MORE.

Now let the PEOPLE come together. Stop the divisive rhetoric and hyphenated names and just BE AMERICANS.  We have a LOT to do and Our New President Elect, Donald Trump, has a Contract with America that we not only must help him complete but We must also Hold Him to His Contract.

Defeating the Infrastructure of Corruption

For most of the folks here, Red Skelton has no meaning or remembrance.  Please take a moment and read to one of the greatest American comedians, ever! http://www.usflag.org/skeltonspledge.html

Demonstrating their shear hatred of America, YouTube has deleted this magnificance video due to fabricated reasons. Please take a minute to READ this wonderful man's interpretation.

  Red Skelton's Magnificant Pledge of Allegiance

To Our

American Flag

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Contemplate just how damned LUCKY you are to have been born or naturalized as a Citizen of the USA. Freedom is NOT FREE.

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I am an American Citizen and I am really pissed off at our government.  Those who know me, know me as a 'Type A' politically conservative businessman.  I've had over 50 years in the American Business World, have a family and numerous blessed Grandchildren.

The current state of the USA and yes, the rest of the Planet is in Global Crisis.  Why, much is rooted in American laissez-faire, "can't be bothered" attitude.  It was once called the 'Silent Majority' for a reason.  No one really complained or did anything.  Sure folks complained about dirty politicians but they kept re-electing the same corrupt idiotic bureaucratic puppets of 'special interests' and multi-national global business concerns.

I think it is really time so SPEAK UP and let the politicians and these mega-corporations know that we are PISSED OFF and Won't Take It Any More!  Time to get off the couch and get out and VOTE.  Time to speak up and get your neighbors and friends to take action.

It matters not what 'political party is involved.  For the most part they are basically the same, just have different paymasters.  Whether it is pay-outs/subsidies to huge agribusiness (as opposed to local/organic farmers), or massive multi-national pharmaceuticals (making billion$ of treating disease NOT curing it!), the politicians and most of the agencies are pawns of these huge monied businesses.

Not just in the USA, but this is on a Global/Planetary basis.  Corrupt dictators get paid by big corporations to keep the populace in line, consuming lousy food, water and medical products.

Government bureaucracies in the USA and in other countries are nothing more than control mechanisms to force a certain belief system, way of life or other control mechanism.  Department of Education, Labor, USDA, FDA, and others cost billion$ to support and their primary goal is to CONTROL the populace, not provide protection or ensure health, wellness and vitality in our daily lives.

Recent government laws, have been acted to keep us afraid.  Fear-mongering is a wonderful way to corral a population.  Fear of disease, terrorism, hunger, homelessness, all contribute to keeping the population in line.  Government 'programs' of free food, housing and medicine, don't really help anyone in the long term.  All these wonderful sounding programs have created an under-class in the USA and in other 'socialistic-like' countries that are forever beholding to the government.

Politicians and bureaucrats say they are trying to 'Help' you out.  Sure we all need a helping hand now and then, but FREEDOM and EDUCATION are the ways to accomplish that.

Constraints and censorship of the free flow of information, 'transparency of government' and a Free Internet are currently under way with various laws to 'protect' US.

This isn't protection, it is CONTROL.

I hope to encourage YOU to speak out and get active.  I really don't care wether you are part of the Tea Party or the Occupy Movement.  There are plenty to go around.  There are focused groups for just about every conceivable orientation, interest and lifestyle.

It doesn't matter if you are Vegan or a hunter, the environmental impact of mega-meat producers are polluting the planet and oceans.

Doctor or Holistic Practitioner; it matter not as the big drug companies control the medical community and much of the controlling special interests.  Groups like the American Cancer Society and others, while sounding great, really only promote ongoing 'treatments' and really don't address a cure.  There is no desire to actually make people well, just to treat them forever; often with made-up, new diseases you probably never heard of before.  Certainly your grandparents hadn't.

Many of the disease and pollution is a direct result of lifestyle.  Lousy environment, lousy food, yet plentiful on store shelves.  Companies make billion$ getting people fat sick and nearly dead then try to sell the cures with weight loss drugs, machines and club memberships.  All that is really needed in many cases is just good nutrition.

Mega-Corporations are in business to make a PROFIT, not to help humanity.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with profit and Free Enterprise, but these organizations have grown so large that they are virtually more powerful than many of the governments in countries where they have a presence and/or do business.

When these corporations exercise control over the governments of the PEOPLE, we are held hostages in a serfdom controlled by THEM.  They use the legal system to suppress new inventions, devices, technologies, medicines, drugs and food sources so that their products will supercede others; thus making huge profits.

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