America Has a Moral Problem

America has a Moral Problem supporting the corruption, malfeasance and criminal activity in our political/social civilization. We have lost our way from our Foundations. No longer do we respect Right and Wrong, we have forgotten what Right and Wrong actually mean!

The idea of Right or Wrong is based upon a strong moral foundation; typically established by a Western and Christian basis. But it isn't just Christian, even the Wicca and Pagan belief systems are based on “Lest it Harm None”. It truly is an American philosophy that “All Men are Created Equal” and have equal Rights Under the Law.

Most Americans used to be raised to respect authority and their elders but to also challenge traditional belief systems to expand the basis and quality of life for everyone. The concept of Freedom and Liberty as foundations of the American system of government and societal interaction has existed for over 200 years; well until now.

We have a Right to Pursue Happiness, it is not guaranteed in the Constitution or anywhere else. The idea that everyone has a 'Right to Happiness' has been brought to the political foreground by corrupt politicians who prey on weak minded or uninformed people to encourage a laziness and believe that they are not responsible for their own lives and fortune.

Corrupt political power elites have inculcated the belief that the 'World Owes Them a Living' and it is always someone else's fault that they failed; even when they do manage to get enough gumption to TRY. People are not encouraged to learn, strive for success and succeed in life.

These corrupt/criminal elites have created a societal sub-class of subservient, intimidated, undereducated slaves to their political system of greed and envy. These elites are wealthy and want to stay that way; all the while railing against the 'rich' and 'powerful' who have EARNED their own way and Created companies and entire industries through hard work and effort.

Yes and failure too. Failure is the way people LEARN how to succeed. Learning from your mistakes provides a foundation to success. The current concept that everyone can be a winner is a false flag of intimidation that lowers the bar to success by destroying the very meaning of success.

There ARE winners and losers in life, sports and in business. Winners go on to fail. Losers go on to WIN. It is the cycle of learning and Life itself. No one who has ever been successful, however you measure success, has never failed! Only those who never try to achieve anything, fail repeatedly.

If America is to continue the concepts of Freedom, Liberty and Success have to be re-established as foundation principles in education and every day life. When you praise mediocrity and failure over excellence and success, we as a Nation will cease to exist and continue to be a cesspool of envy, greed and corruption.

RISE UP AMERICA. Re-Instill Values that Made America Great: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all. Re-Instill the values that define Right and Wrong with a strong moral compass that harms none and values Everyone's Freedom to Live, Love and Succeed.