Independence Day EVERY Day!

While many of the folks I correspond with share my dissatisfaction with our Government and it's reckless disregard for OUR CONSTITUTION, I often hear the disillusionment and an attitude that there is little any one person can do.  Well there IS.  If enough people just change the way they shop, how they eat and get out and take action, there IS some things we CAN do.  It doesn't have to cost much if anything.  In some cases, changing your dietary habits will lower your grocery bill and IMPROVE your health; maybe even cure you of a disease (heart disease, diabetes 2, cancer....).

DO something.

I do not shop at the big box mega stores; or if I do, I minimize it.  I do banking at a local credit union.  I own/manage my own businesses.  I VOTE in every election.  I campaign and contribute (when I can) to those candidates I believe will do less harm or more good.  I'm mostly Libertarian in view so my choices are often the lesser of evils, but still you must choose.  I rant here and elsewhere.  I host several web sites and state my opinion very publicly.  I know you do some of the same.  WE ARE doing something, but so many do not; preferring to be led lead like lemmings over the cliff by corrupt 'leaders'.

Yea I am trying to BREAK THE BACK's of corruption and mega-business who have become stronger than many/most governments.  It really is possible and not all that difficult.  They Depend On WE THE PEOPLE to shop at their stores and purchase their products.  If WE STOP, they go broke.  It IS possible simply by using your CHOICE.  Choose to do business locally, farmer's markets, local banks or credit unions.  Purchase from local shops and businesses not owned/controlled by massive corporations.  There do exist independent gas stations and other service providers.  There are SO many ways to work it.  It may cost a few pennies more but well worth it.

For healthcare, EVERYONE can fight against the big pharmaceuticals simply by improving their own health and well being.  STOP eating crap, junk food and high fat protein.  Stop eating at 'fast food' restaurants.  Learn about your kitchen; it has a purpose!  Focus on Plant Based Nutrition and CURE yourself. Get healthy and you don't need pills, pharmacies, drugs and many medical procedures (heart bypass etc.).  Get healthy and big Pharmaceuticals will be crippled!

See, it is EASY and EVERYONE benefits!

Happy Independence Day!

Get Independent. ~ Free Yourself from the shackles/addictions of big business and big 'food'.