George Carlin (Rest his soul) got it right MOST of the time.  Here is a session about who controls America.  Sad, but so very true.  Listen (some language may be objectionable, but hey, it's Geroge Carlin!) and think!  

We need to CHANGE who we elect to office.  We need to change where we shop and from whom we purchase  goods and services.  It is not a 'Buy American' plan, but more 'Support your local community'.  It is the multi-national global businesses (many/most based in the USA but trans-global) that are controlling the politicians and thus YOU.  They are taking control of your food supplies, the power industry and pharmeceuticals/healthcare.  They want total control over what you purchase, what you eat and consume; all for THEIR profit and benefit.  Shop local, get to know your local farmer and produce men/women.  Consider a more holistic approach to healthcare, most doctors get paid to TREAT you not CURE you.

Watch, Listen and Learn!