Preparing to Defend Yourself, Family and Home!

For those of us who have a gun for personal protection and for protecting our homes and families this is a discussion I haven’t really heard much about.

While there has been a huge upsurge in gun and ammo sales, due to the Obama regime threats against gun ownership and our 2nd Amendment Rights (as well as most of the other Constitutional protections!), there really has been insufficient discussion on training and use of a household weapon.

There are numerous laws in various states dictating how you must store and safe-keep your weapons, but they are mostly how to STORE your weapons, ammo and gear.  That is fine as you certainly don’t want untrained young ones playing with these dangerous tools of self defense and sport.

But, if you store your gun with a gun lock, in a locked cabinet or gun safe and someone is breaking in to your home, what the heck do you DO then?  How long will it take you to open the case/safe, remove the trigger/gun lock, load the weapon and prepare to confront an assailant?  In most cases you will already be dead and your family injured or worse but the time you are actually ready to defend your home and family.

I am all for safe storage of weapons, but NOT for the one(s) I depend upon to protect myself/home/family!  Sleeping with a gun under my pillow does not make me feel safe, but having my pistol safely holstered in a easily retrievable fashion (using a mattress tongue/holster combination) has worked out fine for me.

In the evening, I emove my gun (Kahr CW9) from the bedroom gun safe where I keep it loaded but no round chambered, and place it in my bedside holster, secured with the ‘between the mattress’ tongue.   I can reach it, rack it and aim/shoot in about two seconds, all the while lying on my back in bed.  I consider this a safe way to protect myself and wife should someone try to break in via the bedroom window or if already in the house enter my bedroom during the night.

I keep a small LED flashlight on the night stand so if I hear a disturbance, I can draw and prepare to defend myself with a light at hand as I explore the home for a possible intruder.  All the while, my wife has run into the closet with her cell phone to call 911 and triggered the burgler alarm if you haven't already!

In the morning, I return the CW9 to the bedroom gun safe.  I carry my Kel Tec PF9 almost all the time, so I believe I am ready and able to protect myself, my family and my household!

I train/shoot at my local gun club at least three times each month.  In addition, I also will occasionally visit a local gun range (indoor) if I have some spare time (the gun club ranges are out in the boonies!).  I also attend regular classes in safety, handgun handling and accuracy.  Practice is KEY to any gun safety program - Home or Other.  Training ALL household members in gun safety is the KEY to avoiding 'accidents' with firearms.  If a young person (starting at age 7 or 8) understands the power and safety of handgun or other weapons they are seldom likely to 'play' with them.  Contact your local NRA or other organization in your community for training for yourself AND your family!  Even if you never plan to own a gun, understanding the safe handling practices for you and your family may help stop an accidental shooting or save your life in the future!

Intruders, be forewarned!  I am an excellent shot, practice regularly and have no qualms of placing three well aimed shots into your body; two to the center mass and one to the nose.  If you decide to invade my home and endanger myself, my family or my domicile, I will KILL YOU!  No warning shots (they are illegal in Florida - if you can believe that).  The first shot is intended to slow you down, the next two to put you down with plenty left for any associates you have with you!

Side note to criminals, all my neighbors are also well armed and prepared to defend themselves!  Go someplace else! There are plenty of Liberal idiots who publish lists of dangerous homes to invade; this gives you plenty of opportunity to identify and invade their homes if you must; they hate guns so you are safer invading their homes.