This is a clip from a Kate Smith Movie from 1943.  Note that Ronald Regan is in this clip!

First written by Irving Berlin in 1918, he rewrote the song in 1938 in response to the rise of Adolf Hitler and fascism in Germany. He rewrote it as a prayer for peace, and it was performed for the first time by Kate Smith on an Armistice Day broadcast (November 11 – now known as Veterens Day) that year. Berlin also wrote the spoken introduction (now rarely heard but which Smith always used).  At its heart, it’s a prayer for the well-being of our country. Especially in the politically and racially charged times in which we live, may God bless America. It truly belongs to all of us together.

Enjoy This Wonderful Patriotic Song as I first did on my Grandpa's (WWI Veteran) lap so many years ago!

We always watched The Kate Smith Show