Liberal Democrats' "Great Society" was, maybe, the biggest scam, especially on people of color, perpetrated in all of American History.  It convinced too many blacks to vote democratic/liberal and adopt a dependency on government  and a "take care of me", attitude.  It created a mostly black under-class that encouraged people to wait on the welfare check instead of WORKING for a living.  It destroyed families, as there was no longer any self respect for yourself or pride in family.  It destroyed inner cities because people didn't give a shit while waiting on big government to clean things up.

Psychotic Liberal DNC politicians prefer to support inner city gangs like MS13 that have ruled neighborhoods.  The role models are gangsters, corrupt politicians and sports figures instead of historically powerful, well educated people of color.  Education is castigated and if a child excels in school, he is ridiculed, bullied and often abused.  It is damned difficult to escape the chains of the inner city.  Instead of admiration for those who escaped and built successful lives, these success stories are suppressed, ignored or ridiculed.

The Democrats Created Great Society promoted black separation from society; creating an "African-American" term that somehow made blacks not quite American. Accepting this separation terminology created a massive rift in society that dived people along racial lines instead of uniting people as Americans. Great American Leaders like Martin Luther King, Reverend Billy Graham and others tried to Unite while, so called black leaders, now only divide.

Now we have a massive under-class that:

  • Has never had a job or worked a decent job.  

  • Created decades of decendents depentent on Welfare.

  • Ridicules others who WORKED to better themselves.  

  • Has role models who are sports figures or gangster rappers.

  • Ignores some of the GREAT Black Business and Successful Leaders of today.

  • Accept violence in the streets as an acceptable alternative to constructive political dialogue.

  • Make fun of scholastic success while horrendous union teachers keep their jobs.

There is NO PRIDE when you live in a slum with trash in your front yard.  No PRIDE when your home or government subsidized community is riddled with crime, drug pushers while citizens accept it as 'normal'.  If folks would get off their asses and clean up the neighborhood, slap a coat of cheap paint on their homes, plant community gardens; what a difference it would make. But most sit waiting on that welfare check, only going out to use their government checks or EBT cards.

People living in the inner cities eat crap, provided by government programs, instead of demanding better food for their families.  Tjey Settle for fattening, artery clogging, diabetes promoting food and consider being grossly obese 'normal'.  Controlleld by commercials that encourage consuming of poor nutrition, educational attempts at informing the people about nutrition and proper diets  are not to be found or just ignored.  Even the TV sitcoms seem to promote obesity and gutter slang instead of Health, proper English and family values.

It all started with the Democratic Great Society and blacks have been voting to maintain this status quo ever since! It is well beyond time for those who have blindly voted for Demoncrats to now just


Maybe It IS Time to consider a Different Way of Life.  What the hell have you got to loose?  Try voting a different way, not for a Republican or a Democrat but for the ONE person who is trying to make America and YOU Great Again! Support America's President: Donald Trump!!!