We are Mad as Hell and Won't Take the Corruption Any More!

The elitists in the GOP are going nuts over the Trump Revolt against corrupt professional politicians. We The People are pissed off at the malfeasance in office demonstrated by both party's professional politicians. Wasteful spending, disregard for the electorate, ignoring our border security and terrorist threat, ALL are demonstrations of just how corrupt professional politicians have truly become.

Both parties are riddled with corruption, malfeasance and down right traitors. People of both parties and persuasions are just sick to death of the crap we see and hear every day. Neither party actually serves the people, they only serve themselves.

How else could an avowed socialist, someone being investigated by 100's of FBI agents be running on the Democratic ticket? How could a business mogul (Trump) and a full on Constitutionalist (Cruz) be winning State after State primary.

We The People are ignoring much of the old party lines and are crossing over to the Trump Revolt. Political causes, and rigid dogma are being ignored as people vote their anger and dissatisfaction with the current corrupt political party system.

Both political parties are dying in a death struggle over a Revolt of We The People. The old guard elitist political power centers are being ignored as The People rise up in massive numbers seeking someone, anyone, who is not aligned with the past dogmatic political machines of the old backroom two party system.

People are turning out in record numbers, as much in protest, as in advocacy. Supporting a rabid Socialist and a Business Mogul; who would have thought this could happen in America?

But it HAS.

We The People MUST Destroy the Infrastructure of Corruption!

Most Americans are ANGRY as Hell and won't take it any more. The corruption with and by professional politicians is rampant and WE The People are sick and tired of the lies, malfeasance in office and downright lawlessness in Washington and from the cabal that purport to represent US.

This is not a sudden revelation, it has been building slowly for decades as the Washington cartels, funded by lobbyists and self-serving corporations have gradually grown the bureaucratic incompetency.

It really isn't about political party as both sides are corrupt as hell and long ago stopped actually upholding Our Constitution and doing their jobs to represent WE The People. It is the career professional politicians, in office for decades, that are beholding to lobbyists, corporate PAC's and their 'contributors'. Washington and State Houses and their Executive Branches reek of corruption.

The Problem

What are the agencies of this corruption? The manifestation of the greed, malfeasance and lawlessness? Bureaucratic agencies that have grown out of the cesspool of corrupt government. What agency is not corrupt. I can't think of a single one that isn't messed up by corrupt bureaucratic nonsense we see and laugh at every day. Common Sense has long fled the stinking morass of the political bureaucracies.

The agencies that foster, or should I say fester, regulations at the Federal, State and Local levels have long ago stopped making any sense at all. The bureaucratic red tape, long lines and obvious incompetency of their structure, and often of the bureaucrats that run them, is common knowledge that is laughed at.

Few of these agencies, bureaucracies and the rest of the lettered agencies are actually found in Our Constitution. They are an outgrowth of a growing corrupt greed and quest for power of the Washington and other governmental elites.

Formed from the best of intentions by Presidents and Congress, these agencies have taken on a life of their own and have grown like a cancer, ever bigger and making America ever sicker. They are uncontrollable by Congress or any President and ignored by the Supreme Court as 'fact of life' but they are NOT.

These agencies, suck the lifeblood and dollars from the American People and have done little to nothing to improve anyone's life but that of the bureaucrats who get fat and wealthy by controlling these massive money pits. Funneled back to 'supporters', into corporatism by massive 'subsidies' and other methods, like construction, building, defense contracts and more. It is SO massive that no one can even comprehend the size and stench coming off of them.

The Solution

We The People need to force Congress (Federal and State houses) to systematically disband, eliminate, kill these massively draining bureaucracies. Develop a Zero Based Budget approach to all expenditures, not the additive self perpetuating Godzilla’s that exist today. Start over by re-justifying any Federal Agency that would otherwise be the domain of the States.

The Federal Government was designed to Protect the American People and our Homeland from threats, both Foreign and Domestic. But the Federal Government has become the biggest threat from within our Shores; worse than any outside agency of aggression could ever be. It's corrupt growth and power has dominated and all but destroyed our Freedom and Liberty; fought and defended for generations by our valiant heroes in our Military and true patriotic Leaders.

We MUST start by electing more 'Citizen Representatives'. Amateurs that have no political stench. Business men and women that have shown true leadership and a maturity that has been the foundation of their careers.

But not for a career in government but for a limited time as Our Representatives. As the Founding Fathers envisioned, a cadre of citizens who will serve, for a time, as our Trusted Representatives. Our neighbors, shopkeepers from local neighborhoods that we trust daily for their products and services.

If structure and regulation are too complex, eliminate it as wasteful and useless; like so many regulations, laws and decrees we now face. We must simply get back to the basics. Politics should be an active of service to America by Citizen Statesmen and Stateswomen, not a lifelong career of power elitism and corruption.

We The People MUST Destroy the Infrastructure of Corruption!