We The People are in a difficult position with our valiant law enforcement professionals.  The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are telling citizens, on national TV, to Gun Up as they cannot protect you and be everywhere!  Police Departments and other agencies are not informing US of the Rules of Engagement.  While we want to fight back and be prepared, what happens when the police finally arrive and WE are fighting terrorists/criminals.  How do the Cops, know that WE are the Good Guys?

Law Enforcement Dilemma

(Telling the Good Guys from the Bad)

The USA has been infested with muslim savages, criminal alien invaders and other slime that are attacking American Citizens.  While many countries leave their citizens with no way to defend themselves (gun free or restricted), in most States in the USA, many Citizens are armed. In many States, either open or concealed weapon carry permits have skyrocketed with liberals threatening to confiscate our Constitutionally protected fire arms.  

You cannot just sit, dial 911 and expect a miracle. If someone is breaking into your home, attacking a police officer or your neighbors, help is many minutes away; I bullet travels much faster, so learn to shoot accurately and be prepared to defend yourself, your neighbors or to support your local law enforcement should the situation arrise.  Just be sure to let the good guys know YOU are one of the Good Guys!

Here is the dilemma, when an armed citizen is defending him/herself against attack, possibly by a terrorist, how does the law enforcement and authorities distinguish the good guys from the evil ones in a firefight? If police arrive at a location where gunfire is being exchanged, how do they know which side is right and which is the criminal/terrorist?

We must establish 'Rules of Engagement for both Citizens and Law Enforcement to follow. This needs to be established by Law Enforcement agencies everywhere as often under-cover agents could also be involved and how do the uniformed police or armed citizens know, again, who IS the good guy?

We could be facing open combat in our streets when defending ourselves and our families. One way to help protect yourself is AVOID those publicized 'Gun Free Zones' as they are advertisements for criminals/terrorists that no one will return fire!

Next is to practice with your weapon/gun of choice; especially a concealed weapon (or open carry of sidearms). Accuracy is paramount to limit collateral damage!

If you are legally permitted to carry a weapon, ask the next officer you see how they would handle the situation. They may not be trained or even have considered this situation. We need to be constantly aware of the situation around us. Do NOT be fearful, just be aware and cautious.

Fear is what the criminals want to create and they are damned good at it. Do NOT succumb to irrational fear that some corrupt politicians will try to use to Take Your RIGHT to Bear Arms.