I really don't give a damn what any consenting ADULT does in the privacy of their own bedroom.  I DO care about flaunting debauched sex in public and the lewd behavior that is demonstrated by this political group; it seems constantly.  They actively flaunt their lifestyle but are only a miniscule portion.  

Gallup polling show that ONLY 4 percent of Americans are LGBT.  That is hardly a significant amount but they sure act like they are a majority as do their comrades the Demoncrats. This is a video expose of this radical group.  While are a few; VERY FEW from this group who claim to support Our Constitution and Our President they are an insignificant voice against the corrupt mainstream media, TV broadcast & show producers that would have you believe that being 'gay' is somehow mainstream in the USA or elsewhere.


A hard-hitting, major recent film which provides a devastating look into the LGBT movement worldwide. Highly recommended.

BLOCKED by YouTube Censors

(I am presenting it here - without permission)