Understand, islam is a barbaric DEATH CULT, NOT a religion!

All muslims follow the barbaric koran and it's abominable sharia.

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Muslim Savagery and the Conquest of Western Civilization

The Civilized World needs to understand that this is a fight to the DEATH between civilization and savages. It's NOT just ISIS or the other cults, it is islam, sharia and muslims! They are a death cult and only believe in domination by the few, not Freedom and Liberty for all. THAT is why they hate America!

The terror war with savage islam is and has been going on.  The trouble, the only ones fighting are the barbarian savages of jihad.  When will civilized people wake up and understand that there can never, ever be peace with a savage intent on killing you?  They are trained from birth to hate, murder, rape and pillage and have been doing it for 1000 years. There can NEVER be peace with savage islam.

Muslims all around the planet are not only lopping off peoples heads when they don't agree with their savage belief system; now they are making demands on civilized countries to comply with their ridiculous beliefs. They are breeding like rabbits as part of their plan for Planetary domination and will continue to do so.

These savages have been warring, killing, raping and enslaving their neighbors for centuries. It is pure arrogance to believe that WE can promote freedom and liberty in these countries until the islamic PEOPLE rise up and demand it. Until then, we should just leave them to their own destruction. Yes, it is horrendous, atrocious and unacceptable but that is only from the view of a Civilized Society; not the savage one that most muslims dominate.

Then there is the 'law' of sharia that they promote. It too is savage and espouses only domination and subjugation. First developed in the First Century (AD) it was an outgrowth of male dominated savagery. Males had total control over women and children; freedom was never even a concept. Slavery was approved and encouraged for any 'non-believers' if they survived the murderous invasion of their lands and confiscation of their property.

All this is no secret. Hell, these savages demonstrate in the streets to proclaim their intent to dominate the Planet and if anyone disagrees, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

This is not civilization. This is pure, unadulterated savagery; much like the barbarians conquering a weakened Roman Empire also in the First Century. Rome was in a weakened condition; not unlike today's modern civilized countries.

Plagued by failed liberal/socialistic/communistic policies and governments, many Western Countries are experiencing failing economies, exorbitant taxation and have become used to an affluent lifestyle. This leaves them in an exposed condition as the populations have been indoctrinated to believe that their big government masters will take care of them. Their Freedoms have become eroded by fear tactics and insipid lies that are allowed to be perpetuated due to a belief in 'political correctness'.

No longer is Freedom and Liberty lauded but it is suppressed by fear-mongering and social welfare systems that subjugate much of the population with subsidies that in turn suppress motivation and the striving for excellence.

Education is dominated by liberal policies that dumb down the level of instructions to the least common denominator instead of setting high standards and the promotion of excellence in all things; to the best of the individual's capacity to succeed.

This failure to instill the pursuit of excellence in all things is what has weakened Western Civilization and allowed the muslims to infiltrate and dominate in many areas.

Riches of Oil Fund Savagery

While the muslims have always been warring with each other in the Middle East, one tribe against another, they have now received an infusion of capital with their oil riches. This has allowed them to purchase weapons, technology and outward civilization. Building large cities, providing citizens with vast wealth they still maintain most of their savage beliefs. Women continue to be subjugated, raped and murdered; all under the guise of their ancient sharia laws.

Children are indoctrinated with hatred and envy of Western Civilizations and their traditional hatred of the Jewish Peoples is promoted. Their total lack of respect for LIFE is obvious in their promotion of suicide bombings and their murderous acts throughout the Middle East and exported to other nation states.

The rise of ISIS and the horrendous murdering of any and all who do not belief as one or another faction does, is clear proof that they are borderline if not totally insane. The establishment of their caliphate and belief in Planetary domination has propelled them into a position of regional power. All the while, they war against each other.

Why not let them kill each other off? Their civilization/culture is one of murder, rape and savagery. They have little or no technical or industrial capabilities. All their tools, weapons, technology come from the Civilized countries. The cities they build are designed and constructed by contract labor. Their infrastructure is supported by third parties of imported workers.

Left on their own, they will self destruct if we cordon them off and leave them to their own devices. Yes, in many areas, it is a bit late as they and their savage belief systems have infiltrated many other countries. In those cases, exposure to Freedom and Liberty offered by civilized cultures may ameliorate the belief systems of their offspring; diluting the savagery.

What of the oil? It is paramount that the Planet focus on developing alternative energy sources. The easy availability of oil has softened the need/desire to develop advanced energy sources for the Planet. Even potential, cleaner safer sources are suppressed by the current availability and abundant supplies.

Nuclear options like Thorium Reactors and safer methods of nuclear reactor production of energy have lagged. Our current nuclear reactors are aging and pose extreme danger. The best example is the disaster at Fukushima in Japan.

We need to deploy a Planetary initiative with a 20 year goal to eliminate fossil fuels. Outer Space development of solar energy resources is even possible; given modern advancements in technology and materials. Consideration to long term deployment of a Space Elevator is not out of the question (see: William Forstchen - Pillar to the Sky).

The Future of Civilization

Will we survive this crisis? History is not in our favor. Plagued by centuries of ignoring humanity's history, we have repeatedly made the same mistakes over and over again. Countries lead by arrogant leaders/dictators believe that THEIR way of implementing failed policies, social programs and political programs will succeed where every single one preceding has not.

The only system that has succeeded and been proven has been the United States of America. Long the leader in Freedom and Liberty, it too has succumbed (partially so far) to the failed systems of the past promoted and 'new' by arrogant leaders. Divisive promoters of separation/racism instead of unity and strength have plagued education institutions for generations. This has resulted in a lowering of standards of excellence and promoted lackadaisical approach to daily life and living.

Failed social welfare programs (The Great Society) for half a century are still promoted as the way to 'help' others. Instead of promoting excellence, children are told that they will be taken care of by Big Government agencies. Excellence is ridiculed while sub-performance is rewarded.

Racial tensions have risen after being promoted by corrupt, self serving and arrogant leaders. Divide and Conquer has been the battle cry of rulers to empower and maintain control of subject populations, or factions of different interests, who collectively might be able to oppose destructive and suppressive policies.

Creation of a sub-class of individuals dependent (whole or in part) on liberal government bureaucracies for daily sustenance has created a sub-culture of envy, dependence and anger. This anger is then directed against anyone who opposes the status quo; even those who wish to lift up and empower the individual with prosperity and liberty.

Will the United Sates and Western Civilization fall as did Rome? Subjected to invasion by savage barbarians, infiltrated through porous and open borders the USA and other civilized countries have left themselves exposed to terrorism and internal divisive corrupt political policies.

Politically correct and corrupt leaders have created divisive policies and a bureaucratic dependency for a large portion of the population. Only when there is a promotion of excellence and admiration of success and education can Western Civilization survive.

Promote Excellence. Inspire novel/new approaches to old problems. Study and learn from history and do not ignore the failures of the past. If we do that, there may be a way to survive and promote Western Civilization, Freedom and Liberty for ALL.

The Unites States of America ~ Mankind’s Last Best Hope.