Sick and Tired of Political Pundits

I am so damned tired of these political influencers thinking they know ANYTHING about nutrition and linking LeftWing idiot liberals to Plant Based Nutrition experts and Lifestyle followers.  They have NO CLUE what they HELL they are talking about.  My wife and I are 77 and have been strictly Plant Based over 14 years and yes, we eat a lot of soy, tofu and other delicious wonderful HEALHY FOOD.  I had/have cancer and my wife seriously clogged arteries; now, while I may still have ‘aggressive prostate cancer’ I don’t let it bother me (asshole doctors said I’d be dead over 10 years ago!).  My wife’s recent arterial scan is TOTALLY CLEAR (like a baby).

So if you idiots want to continue to berate us, denigrate our lifestyle and try to make fun of US; go fuck yourself.  We may still watch you but have little or no respect for your opinions.  You are making idiots of yourself by talking about stuff you have NO CLUE about; while WE have been LIVING IT Daily for over 14 years and enjoying delicious, NUTRITIOUS, Plant Based Lifestylediet (some also say vegan) food.  

We are strong Constitutional and Gun Rights supporters and both have our CWP’s.  You have NO idea what the hell you are talking about so STOP IT.

Skip Stein

COO Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living